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DAS (Distributed Antenna System)

Advanced Connections Inc. can provide DAS or In-Building (Distributed Antenna System) complete systems to improve signal strength and network capacity.

At ACI, we offer design, implementation and project management of DAS (Distributed Antenna System) , and our experienced technicians examine layout, coverage requirements and customized customer needs to provide the seamless rebroadcast of wireless signals and optimum DAS performance. ACI’s expertise in DAS systems ensure reliable and secure wireless service connections throughout your building or facilities setting without internal/external interference. ACI can alleviate your concerns with signal dead zones.

DAS (Distributed Antenna System) consists three primary options :

Passive Das – Coaxial based and the least expensive

Active Das- Fiber Based

Hybrid Das- Coaxial BDA system and MDF fiber based

If you are interested in having a professional DAS (Distributed Antenna System) specialist assist you in your design process, please contact us for a free consultation.

We are in the business of keeping our customers connected with solutions built for the future!

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