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IP & Analog Video

Advanced Connections Inc. provides complete, reliable and intelligent IP & Analog video surveillance. ACI offers efficient digital and analog solutions developed and utilized to increase performance.  ACI provides comprehensive integrated Analog video surveillance solutions and IP video surveillance systems, which match proper installation and bandwidth requirements with your network’s infrastructure. Every business has a goal to protect their assets and their employees.

IP and Analog Video Surveillance

The proper installation is essential to a security system. Advanced Connections Cabling will be able to match your business with an appropriate system to run on your network. They can provide video surveillance services to retailers, schools, offices, hospitals, classrooms, dormitories, and other commercial properties. If you select the IP system, you will have a digital video signal that sends the information through an encoder to your web server. Some of the high-end IP cameras on the market can deliver incredible detail in the quality of the stream. If your business does encounter theft of any kind, the high-end camera can provide unmatched forensic detail. This will go a long way in helping the police to capture the criminal. One of the other benefits to the IP system compared to the analog system is how easy it is to access your network. You simply need to input the information into your web browser to pull up a secure feed and stream the video. Depending upon your needs you can keep several weeks or months of video stored in the system.

IP Cameras-The IP Camera network system is digital from end-to-end. You will have the camera set up outside the building, and it will transmit the image back to your computer system through the IP stream.

Analog Video-Analog cameras will convert the images into a format that is displayed on a TV or Matrix System. People see the analog video camera in action in movies. These systems are still in use today as they provide a great option for surveillance. With new technologies, businesses are able to use a DVR system along with the analog system so they can have a digital copy. An analog system will require you to have a dedicated coaxial cable that connects to each camera and each recording system.


Compare the costs of the two systems. If you already have an analog system set up, transferring to an IP system may not save you money. The IP video surveillance system will be cost-effective for most companies because it is easy to install and it can have future cameras added. It is a digital system, making it easier to move forward with. You can easily have multiple network cameras sharing the same wireless network. If you have a large building, or you are monitoring several areas, this IP network sharing is one of the best ways to make sure you can view everything at once. An analog system does not have the scalability factor of the IP system, making it an outdated choice if your goal is to find the system that will take your company into the future. Contact Advanced Connections Cabling today if you want to get started with IP & Analog video surveillance systems for commercial properties.

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