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Advanced Connections Inc. is dedicated to the design, installation, and management of paging systems — from the simplest paging system to complex mass notification solutions. ACI specializes in loudspeaker/horn paging, intercom, sound masking and mass notification systems. Critical to the communication strategy of your building’s infrastructure, paging technology is a reliable and cost effective means for managing your communication needs. Rely on ACI’s suite of notification systems to improve operating efficiencies, response times and cost savings.

We provide intercom and paging system consultation, planning, design, components, installation, as well as train your staff how to effectively use a new paging system. And, we’ll be there for the rare event that you have any future maintenance needs. We work with most major component makers and we will build a system that’s right for your needs while giving you the straight facts on what will work best for you today and tomorrow.

Our installations are second to none because we undertaking a thorough planning process and work with you to ensure you are getting the paging system you expect. Our experienced engineers work with you to plan and design your system. Our team of highly trained and certified installers will install your paging system utilizing only the highest and best practices.  We never cut corners, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best paging system. We are 100% insured for your protection and have undergone several rigorous certification programs.

We provide Commercial Paging systems for a number of venues and needs:

  • Restaurant Paging Systems
  • Places of Worship and Church Paging Systems
  • Warehouse Paging Systems
  • Medical and Hospital Paging Systems
  • Classroom, Campus and School Paging Systems
  • Apartment, Condo and Multi-Unit Intercom and Paging Systems
  • Office Paging and Intercom Systems
  • Industrial Intercom and Paging Systems
  • Staff Paging Systems
  • Spa Hotel and Hospitality Paging and Intercom Systems
  • Nursing Home and Assisted Living Paging Systems
  • Guest Paging Systems
  • Retail Store and Mall Paging Systems
  • Stadium, Coliseum and Civic Center Paging Systems
  • Theater and Performance Space Paging Systems
  • Casino Paging Systems
  • Gym, Athletic Facility and Activity Center Paging Systems
  • Public Loudspeaker Paging Systems
  • and Most any Turnkey System needed

We offer a variety of Intercom and Paging System types:

  • Wireless Paging and Intercom Systems
  • Networked and IP Paging Systems
  • VOIP and Telephone Paging Systems
  • Overhead Paging, Loudspeaker and Intercom Systems
  • Outdoor Paging Systems
  • Video Paging and Intercom Systems
  • Long-Range Paging Systems (LRS)
  • Emergency Paging and Intercom Systems
  • Mass Notification Paging Systems
  • Alarm, Fire and Security Paging and Intercom Systems
  • Sound Masking Systems
  • and other Turnkey Paging and Intercom System types

We work with both new construction and existing structures. We can work with any size commercial project, so scale is not an issue. We can complete your project on time and to your satisfaction, no matter how large.We build systems to suit in any context. Our pricing is competitive. And, we are happy to bid on your project or give your a quote. We offer fast turnaround on all project pricing. Contact us today with your project specifications.

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