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Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the foundation of all modern communication and information networks. Advanced Connections is an industry leader in the design and deployment of structured cabling systems, ensuring cost-effective installation and the ability to extend and upgrade your system to any future technological changes.

On-Site System Design
Advanced Connections Inc. offers Complete Cabling Design and Installation. Our experienced design team can lay out and plan your entire system and cable runways prior to installation.
Our goal is delivering you the system you need at the most affordable price.

Multiple Systems – One Network
Our knowledge and experience allow you to operate all of your systems – lighting, communications, wireless, security, access – through one network, lowering costs and manpower. We can run multiple systems with a single network, decreasing design, installation, and operational costs. We create a clear path to the future, with assured and easy system expansions and additions to keep up with your business.

Top Quality System Installations
At Advanced Connections, we deliver only the highest quality in equipment and manpower when installing your system. Not only do we use only BICSI-certified technicians and foremen, we train, and BICSI certifies other companies and technicians. With our BICSI-trained technical staff, we have the experience and knowledge to exceed any requirements, meet planned schedules, and deliver a stable, reliable network infrastructure. Our experts are highly trained and certified in Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6, Fiber Optical Cabling, Coax, Copper, Hybrid Cabling or whatever your project’s needs. We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of quality work and to adhere to the rigorous BICSI and EIA/TIA standards.

Burial Trenching
In some new projects and facilities, it may be necessary to connect to the outside internet by using buried cable, known as underground or direct buried cabling. Properly installing buried cabling requires not only special cable but unique equipment and skills that few contractors can provide.

Advanced Connections has the manpower, talent, and equipment to properly design and install your direct-buried cabling system. Because this stage of the project is often complex, it is recommended that you involve your contractor as early in the design stage as possible. With the quality and experience we provide, you can be confident that your structured cabling system will be high quality, low maintenance and easy to upgrade in the future.

Cabling Solutions:

Optical Fiber
Cat 3, Cat5, Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat6A
Backbone Cabling
Data Centers
Horizontal Cabling
Patch Panels
Lan Cabling
Termination Boxes

Our Sevices are Guaranteed

Project Managers

BISCI Certified and Trained Experts

Hazards and safety standards

Project Documentation

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